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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TAC Tentatively Approves Burere Design, Planning for June Construction Begins

The Burere project has been a major initiative of EWB-UC since early 2009 and I have personally been involved with the project since its approval by EWB-USA to be an official project. I would like to share that, as of today, the Burere school design has been approved by the EWB-USA TAC committee! The team still needs to address a few questions on the technical design from EWB-USA to complete the approval process. Our health and safety plan (HASP) still needs some work before our trip can be officially approved, but we should be able to complete the required updates and changes to the HASP within a week.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed the past few years, this is a success that was created through the hard work of many people. A big thanks goes to our mentor team: Richard and Emily Elliott of VLOP, Julie Cromwell and Jason Jones of THP, and Tom Bible from UC's DAAP. The travel team is gearing up to go as well and is getting all of their vaccinations next week. I look forward to traveling with Andrew Griggs (education lead), Kelsey Reichenbach (historian), Zach Banachowski, and Justin Thompson this June.

I want to thank our donors as well. We owe the opportunities EWB creates for collaborative infrastructure development and service based learning to all of you! A few of our recent donors include the Engineering Tribunal at UC, Walsh Construction and the Cincinnati Chapter of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers. To become a donor and support our partner communities and students at UC, visit Please consider joining is to celebrate at our banquet May 2nd, email for more info.

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